Visitor and Security Guards Management System

Accuracy, efficiency and accountability are the key components for successful handling of visitors for all secured premises.

About MetaVIZ

MetaVIZ is a robust visitor and security guard management system that fully digitizes and automates the day-to-day activities for security guards to replace traditional book registers used to keep track of events. MetaVIZ is a cloud-based visitor management system that enables digital registration of visitors, vehicles and electronics/assets using a computer device.  This replaces the current manual registers used at the entrance and exit of secured premises which tend to be obsolete, inefficient and tedious to reference.

Key Features

Visitor Management Module

MetaVIZ enables its users to digitize and automate the traditional visitor registers used in secured premises alongside other robust features.

Security Guards Management Module

MetaVIZ allows security guards to register start and end of shift reports enabling their supervisors and management company remote access to the reports.

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